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Beat the Heat in Style with The Decor Room NZ: Your Summer Sanctuary

The sun is shining, the days are long, and New Zealand's summer is in full swing! But even the most glorious sunshine can get scorching sometimes. Don't let the heat dampen your spirits. The Decor Room NZ has everything you need to create a cool, calm, and stylish haven this summer, offering a diverse range of products across various categories:

Cool Retreats:

  • Embrace airy textures: Swap heavy throws for light and breathable fabrics like linen and cotton. The Decor Room NZ's Organic Cotton Throws are perfect for snuggling up without overheating, while their sheer curtains gently filter sunlight, creating a breezy ambience.

    Cotton throws| summer decor| NZ

  • Bring the outdoors in Let nature's cooling touch inside with lush greenery. Opt for statement plants like the Monstera Deliciosa from Plant Society or the Bird of Paradise from PalmByPalm, or create a mini Zen garden with succulents and calming pebbles & we have the perfect care tools available at The Decor Room NZ like our Glass Plant Mister Silver!

  • Lighten your colour palette: Opt for cool and calming hues like light blues, greens, and whites for your walls and furniture. The Soft color palette curtains with their clean lines and pale upholstery are a perfect example, creating a sense of spaciousness and tranquility.

Hydration Heroes:

  • Stylish hydration: Stay cool and hydrated in style with The Decor Room NZ's selection of reusable water bottles from Frank Green. Choose from sleek stainless steel designs or playful patterns that match your personality. Don't forget a fruit infuser from KitchenCraft to add a refreshing twist to your water.


  • Ice cube trays with a twist: Elevate your ice game with decorative ice cube trays from Umbra. Freeze slices of cucumber, mint, or berries for a visually appealing and flavorful way to cool down.

  • Summer mocktails: Create refreshing mocktails with The Decor Room NZ's curated selection of barware and glassware. Infuse water with cucumber and mint, whip up a fruity lemonade, or try a sparkling mocktail with edible flowers for a touch of elegance.


Calm & Collected:

    • Aromatherapy for tranquillity: Soothe your senses and create a calming atmosphere with essential oils and diffusers. The Lavender Essential Oil from Ecoya is a classic choice for promoting relaxation, while the Eucalyptus Oil from In Essence offers a refreshing and invigorating scent.Aromatic candles for home decor| Wellington, NZ

    • Candles for cozy evenings: As the sun sets, create a warm and inviting ambience with scented candles. Opt for calming scents like lavender, chamomile, or sandalwood from ECOYA to unwind after a long day. The Decor Room NZ offers a variety of decorative candle holders from Broste Copenhagen to complement your style.

  • Mindful moments: Take a break from the heat and embrace mindful practices. Light a calming incense from Ecoya and settle into a comfortable corner with a good book or guided meditation. The Decor Room NZ even offers yoga mats and meditation cushions from AuraSoma to create your sanctuary of peace.

Remember: This is just a taste of what The Decor Room NZ offers to keep you cool and collected this summer. Visit our website to explore their full range of products across various categories like:

  • Home Decor: Find stylish cushions, throws, vases, photo frames, and more to add a touch of summer flair to your space.
  • Home Furnishings: Discover beautiful furniture pieces like the Scandinavian Sofa that can create a light and airy feel.
  • Kitchenware: Explore their selection of tea towels, aprons, and other kitchen essentials to add a pop of colour and personality.
  • Lighting: Upgrade your lighting

    ...with stylish lamps and pendants that provide both functionality and ambience.

    Beyond Cooling Down:

    While staying cool is a top priority in summer, The Decor Room NZ goes beyond just offering heat-beating solutions. Here are some additional ways to enhance your summer experience with their diverse product range:

    Embrace Outdoor Living:

    • Create an alfresco oasis: Transform your balcony, patio, or backyard into a summer haven with outdoor furniture like sun loungers from Kip & Co, outdoor rugs from French Country Collection, and decorative lanterns from Umbra.

    • Host memorable gatherings: Entertain friends and family in style with tableware and glassware from LSA International. Add a touch of fun with Bubblegum Bella kids' toys or Jellycat plushies to keep the little ones entertained.

    • Enjoy summer evenings: Extend your days and create a magical atmosphere with outdoor fairy lights from Broste Copenhagen or citronella candles from Glasshouse Fragrances.

    Indulge in Self-Care:

    • Relax and unwind: Create a spa-like experience at home with luxurious robes and towels from HUXBABY. Enjoy a refreshing shower with Bissell cleaning products, followed by a pampering session with natural skincare products.

    • Unwind with a good book: Curl up in a comfy corner with a captivating read from their selection of Books + Bookends. Add a calming touch with a Reed Diffuser and Scent Stems from Ecoya.

    • Express your style: Accessorize with trendy jewellery from Katyb Jewellery or a stylish umbrella from Blunt Umbrellas.

    Remember: This is just a glimpse into the vast selection of summer essentials and beyond available at The Decor Room NZ. With their curated collection and expert guidance, you can create a home that reflects your unique style and embodies the spirit of the season.

    Bonus Tip: Share your summer haven creations using #MyDecorRoomNZSummer on social media and inspire others to embrace a stylish and joyful summer!

    *As our stock keeps changing please check the availability of product suggestions on our website shop section.


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