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Beautiful Umbrellas. Built to last.

Global two year manufacturer's warranty


Performance In Strength

Strength comes from simplicity in design. We use materials smarter by exploiting their mechanical property potential, making every component do at least two jobs. Not only does this give extra strength to the umbrella, but also ensures it links back to our purpose of making the ordinary extraordinary.


Iconic Style

A Blunt™ umbrella is as much a fashion accessory as a high performing product. With our unique patented style, shape and a pop of colour, you will always stand out no matter the weather - turning heads while keeping yours dry.


Package it right.

As in everything we do, our packaging has been designed with the consumer experience first and foremost. A large part of this experience is ensuring that our packaging keeps the environment front of mind, so we use sustainably sourced and fully recyclable carton boxes that are strong and sturdy enough to be re-used.

Tested to extremes

We believe style shouldn’t come at the cost of performance, which is why we have made the strongest, most aerodynamic and protective umbrella on the market. Blunt™ Umbrellas have been wind tunnel tested to a Category 1 Hurricane (115km/h)*

Wind, rain, shine or even paintball, we’ve got you covered. Check out the tests below.





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